Friday, August 01, 2008

Totem Pole stories

My son loves the Playhouse Disney program Little Einsteins. Well the other day he was watching an episode called "Totem tales" where a "baby" totem pole (essentially its just a wooden stump) spends the entire show trying to get to Totem pole forest to be with the other totem poles. The only problem is, he isn't an official totem pole yet because he doesn't have any carvings on him. Carvings come as a result of experiences. So the whole show you are watching his journey, with the help of the Little Einsteins and Rocket of course. As they go, his story takes shape and carvings appear. The carvings are replicas of the Little Einstein character that helps him achieve/accomplish something along his journey. As the show goes on, each kid helps the baby totem pole in some way and thus their face appears in a carving. By the end of the show each Einstein has their face carved into the life of baby totem pole, eventually making him the tallest totem pole in the forest.

This episode made me think about the impact we have on other people. We are a part of their story. What sort of carvings are we cutting out for ourselves in their lives? Are we friend or foe? A helper or a hurdle? What imprint are we leaving on the lives of people we commune with? As a person journeys, their story unfolds and their lives tell about it. What is your role in that?

As you interact with people today remember that you are part of their story. What carving are you making in their day? In their week? In their life?

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