Sunday, August 17, 2008

Water Babies

Jaxon hit the pool when he was 4 months old so I figured it was about time I tossed Jovie in. Not literally of course, that is just cruel. I don't dunk them until 6 months. Ha! Anyway so yesterday I dressed her up in her little bathing suit, lathered her in 60+ lotion, plopped on a hat and we were off. She loved every minute of it. She was a kicking and splashing natural and giggled her head off when daddy bounced her up and down and made waves in the water. It was so cute. Like I have said before, Jovie is a really easy baby so I am not surprised that there was no drama when we took her for her first swim.

(FYI-putting on/taking off girl bathing suits is not an easy task. Especially when the suits are wet or the girl can't move for herself.)


Amanda said...

Jovie will be a great swimming partner by the time Maryn is ready for swimming, and she can teach her all of her tricks!

GIGI said...

lookin pretty good in her bathing suit.... happy face!

Melissa said...

Hey there, I just found your blog via a google blog search. We adopted from Uganda, we have been home just short of two months with two Uganda sweeties. Come on over and say Hi.

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