Monday, September 08, 2008


I have discovered a, not yet scientifically proven, pattern of behavior found in both my husband and my son. While I don't believe it is found only in men, that is where it has landed in my family. Its what I call an "addictive personality." This is the type of person that becomes obsessive over the most random things. Some display this addiction through alcohol or nicotine while others are a little less popularized.

My son recently exhibited this disorder by becoming addicted to an Iphone application game called Monkey Ball. Nathan had let him start playing it a few months ago and ever since he has been constantly reenacting the game on every surface, (ready...go... fall out) and asking every second if he can play it. It had gotten so bad that Nathan had to "ground" him from it for several days. Finally yesterday we made the decision to delete the game all together to prevent further freak outs and yelling fests from occurring due to his addiction to the game.

What are you addicted to?


Brian and Cherie Landowski said...

I think I'm addicted to sweet tea and buying things...2 bad combinations when you're overweight and poor! lol...I guess God allowed them to teach me a lesson or 2 :).

Amanda said...

John and I both have addictive behaviors, so we have to be careful. I think he's addicted to TV, but he's also been addicted to positive things like books and saving money.

I'm addicted, at the moment, to checking everyone's blogs!

Blake Crawford said...

I am addicted to food. Please pray for me. Oh, and my kids like playing on my i-phone too.

Brian and Cherie Landowski said...

oh, I forgot something, see here:

bonnie said...

Books, shoes, and most anything dealing with Natural Science.
Sounds like Jaxon is ready to learn to play Checkers or "Chutes and Ladders".

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