Sunday, September 14, 2008

Buy this record=feed his kids

My friend Jason has this well known group called 33 Miles that is releasing their sophmore album entitled "One Life" on Tuesday! While I haven't heard it yet, I trust it will be a good one since I have never heard anything "bad" come out of Jason's work. Except maybe....nope even that was good. He is so talented and God is using him in so many ways through music and the ministry of his life. So go Buy the album!!

I have to be honest, I don't care if you even like Christian music- buy this album. His family needs to eat, his car needs gas, his house has payments, his wife needs security and his sons need soccer cleats just like the rest of us. This is how they make a living. Help them and go BUY THIS ALBUM!

You can listen to it for yourself b/c they are having an online listening party at or by clicking HERE!

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Brian and Cherie Landowski said...

Oh I will definitely be buying it. Their music is awesome! I've heard some of the album on Praise FM and what I've heard sounds great! The guy on the morning show, I think his name's Doug, says it's even better than the first album. And I loved that one so I'm sure I'll love this new one too. I'm so excited!

MOM said...

Since I have known Jason and Jennifer because of his singing in True Vibe with Nathan, I wish to support him in his talent and profession. I will buy it because you make a good point for doing so!

Amanda said...

Pssshhh. As if you even needed to tell me!

MOM said...

33 Miles was on K-LOVE radio this morning... they were very gracious and humble. Sang a few songs acoustically. Fun to hear them.

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