Friday, September 26, 2008


This is the time of year when everyone starts asking me what my kids are going to be dressed up as for Halloween. They aren't old enough to declare this for themselves which is a plus and a minus. A plus because then my daughter won't ask to be dressed like a hooker disguised as a maid/bunny or cheerleader but a minus because then I have to be the creative one and while there are cute costumes out there, I want them to be in something different then the rest of the crowd or I'll lose them in the shuffle.

When Jaxon was Jovie's age he was a bumble bee b/c I had to carry him everywhere and I didn't want some obnoxious, hard to get into costume drama. It worked well so I may take that route for Jovie this year but of the more female variety (IE butterfly or flower or something).

Jaxon on the other hand is different. He is at that age where dressing up is fun but it has to be functional and not uncomfortable. (IE no masks, no face painting, no gloves, no headwear etc). I've asked what he wants to be many times and all he has come up with is, "Im Jaxon. Im not a _______" (insert costume suggestion here). So we'll see what we come up with.

Here are some costumes from the past:
Bumble Bee
Chicken Little
Bam Bam

Any ideas for this year?

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bonnie said...

How about "Pop" the music director or Superman?

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