Thursday, September 18, 2008

Send my mom to Africa

Send my mom to Africa...not permanently but for 15 days.

A few years ago I convinced my mom and husband to accompany me on a mission trip to Uganda, Africa for 2 weeks (to read about that look back at the posts from August 16, 2006 and on). My mom, who had never left the US before was hesitant but obeyed the tug on her heart and came along. God rocked her world on that trip. At 60 years old she was renewed in her purpose and calling for the cause of Christ. She tasted what God had in store for her and has been wanting to go back ever since. Well when she visited me a few weeks ago we talked about why she hadn't gone yet and none of the reasons she gave me were good enough to stop her so I started researching. I found several organizations that were sending people out there to do work that she is not only good at, but created to do. So from that list she dug further and recently emailed me with the trip of her prayerful choice.

Here is a synopsis taken from the website:
"You will be volunteering your services in an abandoned babies orphanage where there are never enough arms to rock, cuddle and feed newborn babies - toddlers. You will also volunteer your time in our Christian school for the refugee children of Sudan , and loving on the children in our New Creation Family Home - a loving home for those orphaned by the AIDS pandemic in Uganda .

You will also volunteer at several of our own traveling medical clinics (where not everyone will need to have medical skills). These clinics have two primary purposes: distributing the twice a year tablet that will eliminate worms in people, especially in children, where worms are very common and many times deadly. Also, Medical Clinics where medical professionals work alongside Ugandan doctors assisting them in treating the sick from the very young to the old – distributing the much needed pharmaceutical medicines. At all the clinics, Hygiene will be taught for those attending.

Here is where we come in. We all know that God has all the money in the world. The only hindrance to His money getting to where it needs to go is allowing Him to use our hands to take His money out of our pockets/purses and give it away.

I know the economy stinks right now. I know Christmas is around the corner. I know you are barely making it paycheck to paycheck yourself and you can't fathom giving money you need to someone else. But let's be creative. Idea #1: Start a change jar and throw your pocket change in it and in January take it to a coin counter and whatever was in there send it to my mom. It could be $5, it could be $100, it doesn't matter. Every little bit helps. (Stay tuned for more ideas on how you can give in posts to come).

Her trip is January 15-31, 2009. Her total cost is about $3700. If you want to help send this form:

• I would like to support Donna by:

____ Donating $________________ to the Africa mission fund: Please make all checks payable to Donna Elcock and in the memo portion of your check write “Africa mission fund.”

____ Praying on ___________________________
(Dates range from January 15 through January 31, 2009)

____ Sending a note to be read while in Africa (must be received by 1/10/09)

To this address:
Donna Elcock
11416 S Mohave St
Phoenix, AZ 85044

You can bet I will be posting more about this in the future. Come on guys, lets help her get there.


Laura said...

Hey Bethany! You might not know me, but we met a while back at Ryan Koesel's birthday last year. Every now and again I check out your blog. I really enjoy reading about your life.

I wanted to give you a link for my sister-in-law's blog. She and my brother adopted from Liberia, and will be traveling to Uganda at the beginning of October to work with Tom Davis of 'Red Letters'. I think that you will enjoy her thoughts and following her journey through Uganda.

I will definitely be praying for your mom. It is an amazing thing that she will be doing~

Laura said...

oh the link... whoops

Paul said...

Great to see is helping plug people in! Thanks for the link.

The Herrenbrucks said...

I LOVE THE MATERNITY BOOK! It turned out so well. Great to see you today and thanks for answering some of my questions!!!!!

MOM said...

I never know what I'll find when I go to you blog! At first I was embarrassed to be the subject the 2nd time in a week, then I cried because it is such a loving gift. I am so blessed by you. As usual, you lead the way and get me up and going! It is a big endeavor and I am nervous excited. Thank you for your encouragement and support - you truly do lead me into bigger and better things. I may not be the young missionary type with tons of energy and stamina but I do have God's prompting and your prayers. What else do I need? (well, more money but that is so mundane.......... ). Sure you can't come with me this time, too?

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