Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Every fall it is an unwritten, motherly duty to get some pics of the kids at a pumpkin patch, on a hayride, or at some sort of festival. Today was my second attempt at this feat. Last time...too distracted. This time...oh screw it...I'll just take pictures of them individually. If its not one, its the other.I did realize, however that my daughter is not following so closely in her photogenic brother's footsteps. He has been a ham since day one. She, although beautiful, could care less and would rather eat hay and pine needles. Even Jaxon got fed up with her shenanigans.


Bethany said...

CUTE!! I love it!

Bethany said...

random question...I know you're a big Pink fan...what do you think of her new album?

MOM said...

These are GREAT pictures. Jovie is so funny and Jaxon is so caring. How sweet. He IS very photogenic, it's true.

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