Thursday, October 16, 2008

A few of my favorite people: John and Becky

Its only right I now talk about the parents of those three adorable little boys: John and Becky (or Becky Jo as many are fond of calling her).

John is my brother in law (Nathan's bro). He is great. He is the peacekeeper of the family. While we all stand firm in our stubborn and dramatic ways he sits back and watches the fireworks. He plays trombone in the orchestra at Green Acres church in Tyler, TX. For a living, he helps rehabilitate heart attack patients through exercise and physical therapy. His hair sticks out on the sides in the morning and it always makes me smile. He is athletic and has become quite the outdoors man (now that he kills innocent animals for the fun of it). We love to joke back and forth with each other and I truly enjoy his sincere goodness.

Becky is my sister-in-love. I used to hear that phrase and think it was stupid but it honestly applies to this girl. We had a rough beginning but we talked through some things and now she is such a refuge for me during family get togethers. She is an amazing mom and has the most tender heart. She commands the respect of her children while remaining their source of comfort at the same time. She makes wise choices for her family regarding health and wellness which is refreshing in this day and age of letting TV and candy bars raise the next generation. She has the most beautiful singing voice and loves to decorate her house each season. She remembers everyone's birthday and manages to call just to talk every once in awhile (neither of which I am good at so I appreciate it.) I adore her.

Overall I feel so blessed to know these two people and to call them family.

FYI they have a blog too.

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John said...

Those animals are not innocent! They are ferocious and will hurt you if they get within 150 yds of you. If you don't believe me check out this video:

The French narrator states it best, "deer are the most dangerous animals in the world that are tasty to eat." (translation)

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