Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A few of my favorite people: The nephews

For the next few days I want to feature some pictures and descriptions of a few of my favorite people that we got to spend time with while in Kentucky.

First are three of my favorite kids in the whole nephews. In no particular order:
This is Drew:He is part one of the twin duo (turning 4 in January). He loves cars and is very active and energetic. He is great at kicking a soccer ball and is pretty much the man's boy.

This is Grayson:He is part two of the twins duo (turning 4 in January). He loves the color green and can melt your heart with his sweet personality and voice. He is the talker and typically the last person at the dinner table.

This is Roe (Monroe):The newest addition to our family (6 months) with eyes as big as his head. He is so adorable and his smile is life-giving. He is active and always wants to know what is going on-so much so he didn't nap much while we were all together. I can't wait to see where he will fall in his brotherly mix.

A cool thing about having these kids in our clan is that they are all the same age as one of our kids. Jaxon has the twins and Jovie has Roe. Now we will have to see if their mom Becky and I can plan it right again if there is a "next time" in our futures.

Aren't they the best!?

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Brian and Cherie Landowski said...

They are all SO adorable! I love babies with blue or green eyes, they're just beautiful. It's good to have you guys back! I loved the song you sang tonight. What was it and who is it by??

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