Friday, October 17, 2008

A few of my favorite people: Top dawgs

Lastly I would like to introduce you to the matriarch and patriarch of the clan, Bob and Jeanne Gaddis.

Affectionately I call Nathan's dad Dr. Bob. He is a quiet genius. As I have mentioned before on here, he has accomplished so much in his lifetime. He is the Dean of the School of Music at Campbellsville University and a worship pastor at Lebanon Baptist Church. His age and health have yet to hinder all that he feels led to do. He travels to foreign countries many times a year for student recruitment and teaching opportunities and only takes a few weeks off from his busy schedule to go camping in Canada each August. But he is more than just what he does. He is a sweet man that adores each of his kids (personally I think he has the softest spot for his daughter, like most dads.) While he doesn't say too much, you know that he loves you through the little things. Nuances like three strong pats on the shoulder or by overfilling your cup with ice before you sit down at the dinner table to make everyone laugh. I will never forget the day we told them we were pregnant with Jaxon b/c as we were walking into a store in TX, without any words he reached out to me and gave me the squishiest side hug I have ever experienced. It was his form of pride and approval. I felt honored to have received it. He and I like to banter with and badger each other and I love the way our relationship has grown over the years. He is a great man.
Nathan's mom, I call her MamaJ, is the worker. She is always running around like a busy bee cleaning, cooking, making lists, shopping, doing her make-up or hair, ironing, whatever it may be at the moment. While it seems to stress her out, she is always the hostess to as many people as are willing to come into her home. Her love language has to be gift giving b/c she never fails to have something she found on sale to give you and she takes such delight in watching you open presents. She spoils her grandchildren like a good Nana and lights up when she talks about each one of them. She is a pack rat but she would say she just hasn't gone through it yet. Her favorite vacation is to be at a beach so us being in FL is very convenient for her to get that fix from time to time. She sings in the church choir and has played Mary, the weeping mother of Jesus, in her town's Easter pageant for many years. She loves her family to the depths of her heart and lives to serve them as often as she can. She is a treasure.


Blake Crawford said...


I am so glad that you are in love with you in-laws. What a blessing.

bonnie said...

They are extraordinary, aren't they??!!

becky said...

You described them perfectly, Bethany!

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