Saturday, October 18, 2008

My kind of decorations-free

I don't typically decorate for the seasons but because we can't even afford a pumpkin to carve into this year, I felt obligated to show some Halloween spirit by making homemade decorations for around the house.

Here are my ghosts. These are made of white napkins, small decorative balls from our table dish, rubber bands, and string.

Any more home-made and free decoration ideas you want to share?


The Herrenbrucks said...

if you have extra wrapping paper (for Christmas) you can wrap hanging mirrors, pictures (or any other square/rectangle shapes) on the wall and it makes them look like presents :)

bonnie said...

Paper Pumpkin:

Blow up a balloon and tie the end.
Tear newspaper into strips or pieces. Make a watery paste of flour and water with a little bit of glue. Dip the newspaper in the paste and place on balloon until it is completely covered.
Do this until three layers are on.
Let dry 24 hours. Paint orange and let dry. Then paint a face.
You can make a pumpkin, cat, scarecrow, etc by using your imagination, paint, construction paper, markers, etc. Use a paper clip to poke through the top to hang it or set it on the floor on a lid as a base. All of you will have fun!

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