Sunday, October 12, 2008

Stick a cork in it

If you know me well you would know that I am a modest person that rarely wears actual dresses. But I thought I would branch out and wear a dress to our family wedding last night. I forgot the cami tank top I typically wear with this particular brown dress in FL so I just wore it without it. Being who I am, I am also "well-endowed" (sorry if that offends you) so there was some cleavage showing (not typical of my style and a result of forgetting the cami). Anyway, we were sitting at a table near the bar area at the reception and the waitor was opening a bottle of champagne behind there for the upcoming toasts. When the cork popped out it flew across the room and landed....guess where? Yep, in my cleavage. As a family we laughed till we cried at the irony that it would land, of all places, in the most unexposed area of my body. Ha!

Luckily it didn't smack Jovie in the head-she was sitting in my lap.


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Nice catch........ Grandma Ellen would be proud!

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