Monday, October 20, 2008

Talk it out

Elections are always interesting to me. Every one I have been involved in I have felt like I have to choose the candidate that isn't "as bad" as the other one (in my opinion). It's sad. Not once have I been sure about who I would vote for until the final moments. That is why I talk about it a lot with a variety of people. I like to see things from different perspectives and learn as much as I can about what people are voting based on. But talking about it is a big no-no I have found. Especially amongst church people. When I ask folks who they are voting for and why I typically get one of the following responses:

1. Disbelief: How could she have the audacity to ask such a private question? The answer is usually vague and avoided.

2. Fanaticism: How could she think the other candidate is even an option? The answer is usually very angry and abrasive as if I were a complete idiot for asking.

3. Apologetic: What if I'm voting for someone she isn't? The answer is usually shyly stated with hints of regret around the edges as if not to offend me with their choice.

Its just funny to me how politics is such a faux-pa in society for good conversation. We don't have to agree. We can still be friends. I don't think less of you now because you aren't voting for who I plan to vote for. It's just stupid to think that we can't talk about something that directly effects our country without honesty and vulnerability.

The fact that this hush-hush attitude is so common among church goers irks me the most. We expect people to be "open" to the discussion of Christ and why He is not Lord of their life yet but we will not go there when it comes to our next president? Are you kidding me!?

I could go on all day but I will spare you. As for me, I don't know who I am going to vote for. I see the pluses on both sides. However, I am saddenned to know that many voters will be choosing a candidate based on things that don't matter or they are uneducated about. This president changes things, no matter who it will be. We should know, understand, and talk about how things will change and vote based on that intel.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cutie, I was just checking your blog and love your latest entry about discussing politics.
The freedom to talk about politics and religion is what this nation was built on.
You should never be afraid to give your opinion and discuss why you like someone or not.

Love you


Bruna Fran├ža said...

I agree with mike, you are a smart person!
the Christian people cannnot be fanatic! we should discuss about politics and everything about the place we live!
sorry about my bad english, i'm from brazil!

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