Monday, November 17, 2008

Beach fix

One of the usual questions visitors ask us Floridians is if we go to the beach a lot. Truth be told, we don't. Well maybe the retired folk do but not us moms. Yes it's just 10 minutes away but do you realize all the stuff you have to pack up when you go there with kids? Its not the relaxing image of laying out on the beach with only the sound of crashing waves at your feet as you sip your lemonade in the sunshine most vacationers are expecting. Its quite exhausting really. You need toys, towels, snacks, chairs, hats, lotions, clothes, this and of course you can't forget that. You haul most of it by yourself while holding the baby on your hip and your three year old clenched in your other hand. Once you find a spot you try to keep one child from eating sand while you keep your eye on the other one running around like he owns the place and building a sand castle with your 4th arm. Then wet, tired, sandy and hot you pack up the load and head back to the car. While I love every minute of it, I don't make the effort all that often. But the other day it hit me...I hadn't been to the beach in way too long and I was getting the shakes. The Gulf breeze was calling to me so I threw the kids and our bucket of shovels in the car and headed out. No snacks, no lotion, not even bathing suits. Just my kids and me...going to enjoy the beach. We didn't fit in around all that spandex but we had fun. What a beautiful gift that was for me that day!

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