Wednesday, November 05, 2008

God is Good

I saw this post on my friend Chad's blog and because I know that there are a lot of disappointed Republicans that read my blog I thought I would copy part of it.

"Now that we have a new President elect in Barack Obama, it is time to all come together and UNITE. No matter where we stand or who we voted for, we must look at the future in the light that God knows all. Let’s celebrate the first African American president of these blessed United States. And if you are a follower of Jesus, let’s begin supporting / praying for our new leaders just as we have prayed for Bush & Cheney.

Obviously we are entitled to our own opinion, BUT now it’s time to UNITE. Come together and support each other, and Joe Biden & Barack Obama. Let’s pray that they can unite this great nation. AND let’s trust that God is God."

I've been feeling this way all along. No matter what the economy does, no matter who our president is, no matter what changes may take place, God is God and His purposes will prevail. I trust in that wholeheartedly which gives me a peace that passes all understanding. Honestly, I am hopeful. Our new president will undoubtedly be different then our current president so it will be interesting to see what our world looks like 4-8 years from now. Better or worse, my faith will not be shaken that God is good all the time!

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Blake Crawford said...

Amen! Pray that God convicts Obama. Mitt Romney was a believer in pro-choice till he has the power to change it. Once he realized that it was more than just political rheteric, and actually something he was in control of, he decided abortion was wrong and his administration could not endorse such a thing. So Obama now will have to actually DO the things he claims he wants to do. Our prayers should be that Christ gets his heart and used him in good ways. It's possible.

But, my main fear has always been that Christ doesn't have his heart. Only time will tell.

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