Saturday, November 08, 2008

It has come to this

Well, I finally did it. I finally fed my daughter through the freezer full of b-milk and she is now dabbling in some formula. Welcome me back into the world of throwing $ into a pit for the next few months before she hits the real milk phase. I think I did pretty well though. I was only planning to pump until she was 6 months old (I pumped for 4 months with Jax) and by month 4.5 I only pumped 2x a day and still had enough to feed her. So the frozen stuff held us off for an extra 2.5 months. Here we are now at month 7.25 and she is done. Good luck baby girl! Next comes steak!


Jennifer said...

Oh my, she is so stinking cute! I wish I could just squeeze those cheeks!!! Hopefully we will get to see you before she is 12! Love you!

The Herrenbrucks said...

I am amazed by your stash! You rock! Jovie will do great!

Teri said...

I SOOO know how you feel about throwing money down the tubes for formula. It's killing me, especially because I'd rather be giving him breastmilk. But, a gajillion other babies have thrived on formula, so that's what I tell myself. I've been scoping everywhere for Earth's Best Formula sales and coupons. Best of luck!!

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