Saturday, November 29, 2008

Letter To Santa

This year Nathan and I started a family tradition all our own. Jaxon seems to be at the age to get the whole "Santa" thing and while I'm not thrilled about making him think he gets everything he asks for or that if he is good he gets rewarded and if he's bad he gets nothing (doesn't line up with the theology I would like him to have one day) I have mentioned asking Santa for what he wants this Christmas. For instance if he sees a toy at a store he likes I tell him he should ask Santa for it and wait to see if he gets it for Christmas. Well that prompted me to suggest writing Santa a note so we didn't forget what he wanted for Christmas. So we sat down and this is what Jaxon asked me to write, "Dear Santa, May I have the grab nabber and the marshmellow popper please? Love, Jaxon." Then when I was at Target I saw this little ornament that had "letters to Santa" engraved on it. I picked one up and brought it home to place Jaxon's note inside. However by that time Jaxon wanted to add some things to his list. So Nathan wrote what Jaxon recited, "And the Naples (nerf) gun that shoots out and a bowling ball. A tiny football. A green basketball and a yellow mad man." We have no idea what the mad man thing is. Then we placed the letter into the ornament and hung it on the tree. We told him that Santa would read his letter and on Christmas Day we would see what from his list he would get. He seems to understand he won't get all of it which is good for me to instill in him now. Anyway, Nathan and I have decided this will be a fun tradition to carry on with the kids as they grow. Writing letters and placing them in the "letters to santa" ornament on our tree each year will be fun and something to look forward to.

Another funny thing about the Santa phase is while we were at Target Jax saw a Santa figurine and he walked right up to it and asked it for all the stuff on his list. When he didn't hear any response he turned to me and said, "I think he doesn't hear me." I assured him that if we wrote him a letter he would know. Too cute.


Anonymous said...

What a great idea. If you don't mind, I will go to Target tommorrow and pick up one of those ornaments. Although Myles is a little young now, when he is old enough we will already have one.

We love you guys !!!


Anonymous said...

*tomorrow :)

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