Monday, November 24, 2008

Meet Debbie

When my mom and step dad got married (16 years ago) they brought into the marriage 2 kids each. Instantly I got another sister and finally, a brother. Both are older...actually all of my siblings are older...Im the baby. Can't you tell? Anyway, there hasn't been a lot of opportunities over the past 16 years to REALLY get to know each other. Sure we would gather for holidays but often times we would unintentionally split off into family groups based on common activities. My step brother and step sister participated in my wedding (one at the ceremony in Hawaii and the other at our reception in Tennessee). While I have seen my brother more often and that has established a closer connection (if you call picking on me a connection), I have always considered Debbie my sister. So when I heard she was going to be in Orlando for a trade show this past week, I had to make sure we got together somehow. I mean she lives in Utah and I in FL, its not often we get out to each other's hometowns. So we worked it out for her trip to be extended a few days and after the show was over she would drive a rental car down to stay with us for the weekend. I was thrilled. She had never met either of my kids so it was great for them to put a person with the picture they had seen around the house. The first night she arrived we all went out to the pier, to dinner and then coffee, without the kids. We learned so much about each other-it was a special time.So this entry is just a post of thankfullness. I am grateful to have been given such a wonderful family- some through blood and others through marriage but all within loves reach. I am thankful to have been given that sweet time with my sister Debbie. We developed a friendship that will continue to be a blessing to me and my little clan. I am thankful that my mom remarried 16 years ago because I have Bob, Debbie and Mike as a part of my journey. I am thankful for my sister Kim and my dad and mom for always being there and loving me despite myself sometimes. I am one blessed girl.

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