Monday, November 10, 2008

No mayo for you

I just found out that my husband is SEVERELY allergic to egg whites. He is also allergic to dairy, just as he suspected. Looks like we will be making some changes around here. First thing I did when I heard the news...went to the fridge. I am so excited to toss out the mayo... I hate that stuff. Now I have a good reason to make Nathan stop eating it too! Thank you allergies for taking the mayo out of our fridge.


Anonymous said...

JEEPERS!! Glad he finally found out what those allergies have been about. He'll become vegan yet!!!!!
No more deviled eggs, I guess. Problem is you have to read EVERY label since they put dry milk, egg whites, etc. in everything! WOW. Sorry, Nathan.

Brian and Cherie Landowski said...

Wow that stinks! I'm not a huge fan of Mayo either, but to have to cut out all things with egg whites or dairy?! How in the world will he eat? lol...Maybe he will have to join you in the vegetarian world :). When you think about it it's not a bad idea!

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