Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sunday Slim Down

Ha! I always start these posts the same so I'm trying not to talk about how I keep forgetting to do this and how I haven't done anything to lose weight since the last time I wrote. Oops, did it again. Oh well. I guess I will just say that now I am afraid. As the post before this said, I have stopped b-feeding so now I am literally doing NOTHING to burn the calories I am taking in. The closest thing to exercise I have had in 2 months was the walk my family and I took to the new Starbucks that opened a mile from my house the other night. While I'm sure some of the activities I do with my kids keeps my health up, nothing is building muscle or building confidence in myself. So its about time I take the 10 day pass I have for a nearby gym to the place and get myself going. If its affordable I will likely sign up there. I need a place that I can go to that has flexible hours. This is a 24 hour gym so that seems hopeful to me. The weather is perfect right now for runs outside but I don't run well with my stroller. Maybe I should just suck that up too and make myself do it. We'll see. But over the next few months I am expecting to see the weight come right back on as I sit on my tailgate and dream of hours in the sun getting my run on.


Lauren said...

Hi Bethany! I'm not sure you'll remember me but we met several years ago through Becky and John. I'm Becky's cousin, Lauren. Just saw your page on Becky's and wanted to swing by and say hello : )
I'm on the weight loss train with you ... doesn't it stink?

Brian and Cherie Landowski said...

We bought the Wii Fit from Wal-Mart to use with our Nintendo Wii and I love it. Yeah, it's not the best exercise but it works for now. I hate going outside, there's no clubhouse at our new neighborhood, we have no treadmill, and I can't swim :). Plus you can pause it anytime if you need a break and you've got all the water you need at home! I went on a walk once and ran out of water part way through-yeah, not good.

Well, anyways my point is you can always find some sort of exercise to do. You just have to be motivated. My motivation was the high number on the scale. lol You could buy, or borrow from the library, some workout videos. Hey I have Tae Bo if you want to borrow it :).

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