Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving turned Christmas

The Gaddis' had a wonderful turkey day! We are so thankful for all that God has blessed us with- both the trials and the triumphs. In the morning we played football with a bunch of friends then had lunch while watching the parade. Around 4:30 ET, we hosted a couple of friends (Angie and Kelly) for the big meal and managed not to get stressed or have any blow ups like most families do when they have so much to do in such a short amount of time. Another twist in our day was that while we ate a ton of food, we didn't feel fat. All of the food was organic, and without diary or egg products which seems to make a HUGE difference in how you feel afterward. We all enjoyed that benefit! We had raisin pie for dessert and didn't cut into the apple pies until today. (I say pies b/c Nathan had one without butter and eggs and Jaxon and I had one with the stuff- thanks to Kelly!) It was all delicious and will make for a great second meal tonight!

But I have to be honest...I was anxious for Thanksgiving to be over with. Mainly b/c I am really amped up for decorating for Christmas this year. I have been coming up with creative and cheap ideas all month and now I can do them without looking crazy. So I started today by buying a Christmas Tree. We talk about buying a fake tree every year but never do b/c we prefer the real trees. However I am getting really uncomfortable with the fact that I keep contributing to the slaughter of innocent trees so that I can have a smelly house. So this year I forked out the dough (thanks to my photo company) and bought a pre-lit fake one at Costco. Its beautiful...see... I will just buy a candle for the fresh pine tree smell this year. We set it up right away and now I just have to get to the storage unit to get my Christmas decor and I will be in heaven until its all complete. Im not usually like this so it's quite funny to me. Its like nesting when you are about to have a baby but...not.

Anyway, Happy Holidays everyone. I know Im in the mood. Well, not for that, well maybe, well...nevermind.

PS Yes Jaxon is wearing a plastic trash bag. The box the tree came in was huge so he made it into a space craft and this is his astronaut suit.


Brian and Cherie Landowski said...

I put up our Christmas tree as soon as I got home from work today. Decorating for Christmas is my FAVORITE thing to do! The tree especially is my thing-I had a cow last year when Brian put it up himself, but the poor guy didn't know that was my favorite Christmas tradition-that was our first Christmas as a married couple! lol But boy did he get an earful, and plenty of reminders this year that it was my job :).

The Herrenbrucks said...

Love the family picture. So glad Thanksgiving went well. We too were so excited that we decorated before Thanksgiving even got here. Hope loves the lights! I think the Letters to Santa is a cute idea :)

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