Monday, November 10, 2008

Things I want

Thank you to Teri for blog stalking me and posting a comment letting me know about this nifty wish list tool called THINGS I WANT. While the title of it sounds so ungrateful and selfish, the idea behind it has proven to be really helpful, especially for Christmas gifts.

Some of you were handed JCPenny catalogs around Christmas and told to pick out what you wanted as a kid while others just got what they were given. My family...we made lists. I would write down things I wanted like a bike or a guitar or some other random desire I had at the age I was making it. But last year Nathan made a gift list through Amazon and I thought it was so cool. This year, however, I was directed to an even easier gift list collector via the web.

Again its called THINGS I WANT. Basically you "bookmark" this tool and if you are on a site and see something you would want people to buy you for Christmas (or for a new baby or wedding) you click it and it adds the item to a list being compiled on their homepage. For example if I am looking online at something from Target and I click my THINGS I WANT bookmark tool, then it gives me this window asking me the price and which list I want to add it to( mine, Nathan's or the kids'). I have made one for Jaxon and Jovie to help the grandparents and family have some ideas of what to get them. Its really great!

Anyway, thanks again TERI! Glad to have you here!

For my family, see Jaxon's list HERE and Jovie's list HERE. Check back from time to time as I am still looking online for ideas and therefore the list is growing.

As for you...what is your background? Did you make lists, get catalogs or just hope someone in your family would get it right and get you something you truly wanted?


Brian and Cherie Landowski said...

My parents always asked for a list along with my 2 aunts. My mom's parents have always given us checks.

My dad's parents have always gotten us what they "thought" we might like. That NEVER works! My grandma on that side gave me Mickey Mouse stuff and Baby-sitter's Club stuff at like 13 or 14 when I stopped liking them so much at maybe 11 or 12. She was always like 2-3 years behind in what I liked :). One year I picked out a shirt for her to buy me for Christmas so I'd save her the trouble of wasting money on something I didn't even want :).

Teri said...

You're so welcome. I feel the same way about the name of the is rather selfish, but the site is so practical! We've used this for a little over a year now and really like it. And the grandparents REALLY appreciate it. Makes it so much easier for them.

BTW, I really wish that I would have seen those kiddopotamus bibs earlier. Hunter has always used the baby bjorns and I got two more for Nathanael, but they are way too stiff around his neck and kinda choke him while he eats. The ones you have on your list from Walmart are a lot softer material, right? And they still have the scoopy, pouch thing that catches everything. Makes feedings way less messy.

Teri said...

Also, you did a great job explaining the site!

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