Sunday, November 16, 2008

An update at 12:30am

Ok so its Sat night (Sunday morning) and I am working on photo edits. While I wait for them to upload to a new site Im using, I thought I would blog. About what...oh nothing. Just basically an update.

Now that Jovie is on full formula I have found out a few things about her. 1. She is now susceptible to the sicknesses Jaxon brings home from school b/c she has her first cough and stuffy nose now. Jaxon is on round #234 since August. 2. She might be lactose intolerant. I tried one formula only to have her spit up a lot. So I switched to the pre-mixed, special formula for less spit up only to have her keep spitting up. Then we switched to a soy version and she hasn't spit up in two days. Usually she spits up like 3x per bottle. Anyway, we are wondering if she might have a sensitive tummy.

As I mentioned Jaxon is sick again so I am going insane with all the breathing treatments and medicines and food changing. He and I have in the meantime grown quite close in our time together. He is my little buddy (or as he says every 20 minutes or so, "mommy you are my best friend.")

If you want to know how Nathan his blog, better yet his twitters.

As for me, I am up to my eyeballs in photos to edit, Christmas cards to make for clients, emails to return, rooms in my house to clean, appointments to keep, and so on. I am tired, feeling fat, and hopeful tomorrow will be more productive. On that note, my photos are done...gotta go. To bed after that!


Jennifer said...

Wow, you are busy!!! Hope Jax feels better. The first year of pre-school stinks because all of the sickness! Jonah had to be on Lactose-free formula, but I probably should have tried soy. I still think both of them have milk issues because of their crazy stomachs, but that is a whole other story! Hope your day is better today! This post is a little random so I am going to stop now! LOL! Talk to you soon!

MOM said...

Perhaps Jovie inherited her father's allergies to dairy ... hmmm... amazing proof that nursing keeps babies immune and healthy though! But really, sweetie - what do you do in your spare time? Relax in a bubble bath, get facials, eat chocolates and read books???????? You can smack me later :)

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