Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Update

Christmas was wonderful. It took about 3 hours to open presents. Not because we had so many but because every time Jax opened a gift he wanted to play it for 20 minutes before we moved on to the next one. It was all about Jaxon this year- which in my book is a plus and a minus.

A plus because since Jovie came around he has gotten the shaft in a lot of ways, so it was good to see him get some attention from everyone. A minus because Christmas isn't all about Jaxon, or any of us. Its about Christ. Like I said a few posts ago I really want to change how we do Christmas next year- for the rest of our lives. While I thought the letter to Santa thing was cute, it bred in my 3 year old an attitude of want before need and the long lasting effects of that are tragic.

While he fully enjoys the gifts he was given and was thankful for each and every treat, in some way he felt like he deserved them and more. So much so that the entire day I couldn't even think the words "santa brought this" without my stomach turning. At the end of it all I made sure Jaxon sat down in my lap and thanked God through prayer for all he had received that day. I don't know that he mean't it but I needed the True Gift Giver to be recognized.

So Christmas was a wonderful day- filled with laughter, memories and family but it also awakened in me a desire to draw more attention to the meaning of Christmas. So that my kids don't grow up thinking its about them.

How was your Christmas?

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