Thursday, December 18, 2008

One of those dads

My husband said the cutest thing this morning.

Today Jaxon is having a PreK Christmas party in his class. Because Nathan works on the same campus as Jaxon's school I invited him to stop in if he could. However, he has an all day worship pastor's roundtable thingy. But to my surprise Nathan said he wanted to come by anyway. This is how the conversation took place:

Me: "If you can't make it its ok. Besides I can't promise any other dads will be there either."
Nathan: "Thats even more reason for me to come. I want to be one of those dads that other kids see and wish their dad was like me. I want Jaxon to have that kind of dad."

I thought it was so sweet!

So trust me Babe, you are one of those dad's. Jaxon loves having you around at his events and the smile on his face when you walk into a room is priceless. See you at the party.

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