Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow in FL?

In an attempt to help Jaxon understand what Christmas is supposed to look like, Nathan snagged some insta-snow leftover from the LCT program and we let him play around a bit.

First we put it in a bowl in the kitchen for him to see it be made. Now its been placed in his "sand and water table" for even more snow activity and fun!Its funny what we have to do to try and remember that everywhere else in the country people are bundled up with scarves and gloves while we are in our shorts and flip flops...still.


Amanda said...

I love your sand and water table! I never saw one until I worked in a preschool and they are a MUST in all Pre-Ks! So, so good. I will try to keep the insta-snow idea for later...with Maryn or teaching.

Kristine said...

Or stuck in airports because of the snow issues all across the country like I am here in Calgary! Oh well, the beauty of the snow and the vacation will make up for it!

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