Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Staff Christmas Party

If there is one thing I have plenty of in my life it is good friends named Jennifer. The other day I was talking to a Jennifer on the phone and Jaxon rattled off a list of potential Jennifers it could be (IE Kay Kay, Hannah Mae's mom, David the drummer's wife, Trevor's mom, etc) It was funny to hear all the options.

So last night it was not surprising that we sat down with the Jennifer's and their husbands (John and David) to enjoy the staff Christmas party at church. While the evening is always pretty predictable (food, white elephant gift exchange, some carol singing and a message from the pastor) the company is always a treat. Last night was no exception.

Nathan and I are surrounded by some of the most amazing people here in Naples. They are so loving and full of God's character. They accept that we typically break the mold in this whole pastoral life thing. They teach us about faith, servanthood, family, you name it. They are the kind of people that truly live out Scripture in every aspect of their life and we are inspired just to be around them. We are so blessed to call them friends. Some of them are pictured here but others- you know who you are.

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Bethany said...

Totally lovin' Nathan's sweater!

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