Wednesday, December 03, 2008

What kind of tree are you?

The other day I surprised a friend of mine with the style of my Christmas tree. Apparently they thought I would have decorated differently. This discrepancy caused me to wonder what kind of tree she thought I would have. Apparently how you decorate a tree says a lot about your personality and this part of my personality she didn't know about.

So I thought I would ask you, what kind of tree decorating type do you think I am?

Here are some choices:

Southern style: Very country living. Reds and greens are the primary accent colors with hints of deep browns. The ornaments are hand crafted, mostly wooden, and domestic in subject matter. Hallmark like.

Family oriented: Colored lights, no rhyme or reason, just a random collection of kids pictures, homemade ornaments and cutesy markers for times and memories with the family.

Simply Elegant: Primary color is silver with white lights. Mostly clear glass ornaments and maybe some shimmering ribbon. Sets the mood of a candle light dinner in your living room.

Shabby Chic: Its made to look aged with lots of texture and 3D ornaments that recall Norman Rockwell looking images of Christmas. There is fabric weaved throughout (gingham most likely the pattern).

Dressed like royalty: The primary color is gold. The tree is no longer a plant but has become a piece of jewelry that accessorizes the home. Its very shiny and bold and draws your attention instantly.

Leave a comment and tell me what you think my tree looks like. If you've seen it, don't blow it for the others but you can still comment (IE you can say "I choose _____" but don't say "because I was there yesterday and saw it.") If you have another idea for a tree style, please mention that as well, Im curious how many types are out there. These are just a few I though of. What type of tree style are you?


marsh1101 said...

redneck style. its when you put bass and shotgun shells for lights. red and green christmas orb things. and for the star on the top you place a beer bottle. been there, done that.

MOM said...

Simply elegant - you love silver ribbon, have class, are a romantic ... and underneath it - gobs of family style presents!!!! We did our tree today and decided to put all the old style ornaments on it with the bubble lights and candle lights - looks amazing! Definitely old school...........

Brian and Cherie Landowski said...

I don't really fit any of those categories. We use the clear lights that you can change how they light up (flashing, fading, combination, etc) and we have a blue and silver theme with many personal ornaments added. I guess it's a combination of Simply Elegant and Family Oriented...Let's call it Elegant Family :)

Amanda said...

Cherie, your tree sounds exactly like our tree! Weird! Bethany, I think you would choose Family Oriented or Simply Elegant. Maybe some combination. But maybe I think that because that's sort of how mine is. I know I was there the other day, but I didn't really look at it.

Post a picture soon!

Brian and Cherie Landowski said...

P.S. your hubby spoiled it for me with a picture on Twitter so I know what your tree is now. lol

Bethany Gaddis said...

You are correct. Simply Elegant. The only reason it has family ornaments on it is b/c we get one every year from my mother in law! We always look forward to those additions. But I like the mood the elegant tree sets. I can just stare at it and get lost in thoughts of a more peaceful life.

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