Saturday, December 13, 2008

When there isn't much to say

What do you blog about when there isn't much to say? Well I often revert to updates so if you aren't interested in hearing about my family then move on cause that is what I am about to do.

My mom is here so I am thoroughly enjoying that of course! I have taken advantage of her so much I think she is already wanting to go home but she still has another week with us (oops). Our life is so busy I just keep dragging her along with me to everything and with Jaxon wanting her attention at all times, I think we have worn her out. I want her to enjoy her visit more this week although I'm not quite sure how to do that just yet.

I have been sick for about 4 or 5 days and aside from the Ibuprofen Ive popped a few times to relieve some aches, things haven't been getting better. So when I said I was taking advantage of my mom, I mean't I have left a lot of the child care to her and Nathan the last few days in effort to get some work done and some rest in. I managed to actually take a nap today which was heavenly.

Jovie is sleeping in our closet (in a pack n play) while my mom has her room, and I am beginning to think she is taking longer naps in there b/c of the lack of noise and light. That location may become a trend in the future. We'll see. She can flip flop when you lay her down so its always interesting to peek in and see what position she has wiggled her way into periodically. She isn't interested in crawling but has on several occasions grabbed a hold of something of perfect height and pulled herself up into a stand where she is perfectly content to watch everything for a while before sitting back down again.

Nathan has two more Living Christmas Tree performances tomorrow and then he will be done (until next year). I am hoping to feel/see a difference in our time together after this is all over with as both of us have little to give each other these days. We need a vacation.

Jaxon is all over the place. A bundle of energy and emotions. With intelligence come a heightened sesitivity that I am only sometimes able to be compassionate towards while other times I am completely annoyed. He gets really bored staying home so we try to entertain him (IE today Nathan took him to a horse ranch) but only sometimes does that help. Other times it backfires and he gets in one of his moods and we would rather send him to his room than deal with it calmly in front of a crowd of people. Maybe we should stick him in the closet for awhile...hmmm. JK. I don't think he has been able to breath through his nose for over a week now so I may have to take him into the DR again and see what else I can try . That way we can nurse him back to health so that when he goes back to school he can get sick all over again.

What a light and happy blog this has turned out to be-yeah right. Sorry to be such a downer folks. But that's all I've got when there isn't much to say.

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