Sunday, January 04, 2009

Art takes time

I know I haven't been blogging. I know I am losing interest every day that I don't post anything. But what I also know is that I have been more intentional with my relationships lately and that my son hasn't had to entertain himself for blocks of time b/c I am gazing at my computer screen trying to sound wonderful and smart to a bunch of people I may never meet. That matters. I haven't had anything that I felt was "blog worthy" to say.

I am picking up the pieces of 2008 and trying to create a mosaic that God's light can shine through and create beauty from in 2009. I am setting goals, tying up lose ends, cleaning the slate, re-organizing my priorities and praying like a dying person that it all falls directly into The Right Hands.

Allow me some more time b/c I need it. Thanks.

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David and Jen said...

Bethany- part of what makes each one of us relevant is being real. And, for whatever this is worth, I enjoy your blog because it allows me to learn about and get to know you better. I don't read it because I expect your thoughts or ideas to be in a neat little package.

Sounds like your priorities are where they should be, and I pray that you are encouraged as you begin this year. You know how to find me if you need to.

Love you-Jen

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