Sunday, January 18, 2009

Eat it

This weekend I challenged my 11th grade girls to start eating the Word based on Jeremiah 15:16: "When your words came, I ate them; they were my joy and my heart's delight, for I bear your name, O LORD God Almighty."

Many people do not even read the Bible. Some read It but do not study the Bible. If we let the Bible go through our minds like water through a sieve, It will not do us much good (James 1:23-25). We need to study God's Word carefully. And it is possible to both read and study the Bible and yet not "eat" the Word of God. To "eat" the Word means to meditate upon It (chew It), to ponder its message to our own heart (digest It) and to apply It to our own life (live It).

So this week, as a class, we have committed to eating the Word. Before we so much as put a morsel of food in our mouth throughout the day in effort to feed our flesh, we are going to feed out spirit first. JOHN 6:63: “It is not the flesh that gives a person life. It is the spirit that gives life. The words I told you are spirit, and so they give life.”

Not only that but we have committed to being as persistent in taking time to read God's Word as Satan is in trying to hinder us. Like D.L. Moody wrote inside the cover of his Bible: "This book will keep me from sin, and sin will keep me from this Book."

So I ask pray along side of me and my 11th grade girls as we take this journey. This is the first week and we plan on doing it for 30 days. Pray that we will have a renewed hunger for the Word. There will be times when we can come up with excuses but please pray that we will remember that if it's truly important to us, we will make time for it or that we are more busy than Almighty God ever intended for us to be and we need to let some things go.

Thanks ahead of time.

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