Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The games we play

Ok so Jovie is in a new and very maddening stage right now. She won't eat baby food anymore. Yes she will eat food particles that she can pick up with her hand but only some. She has become picky. My son was not like this. All I know is that if she puts something in her mouth that she doesn't want...she spits it out. Not just in a drool but literally across the entire room and into my face/clothes/hair. She will eat carbs (cherrios, toast, crackers, graham crackers etc) and some fruit but that is about it. Sometimes we can shove in some veggies in the mix when she is least expecting it but Nathan is much better at that trickery than I am. I am getting mad. Downright, want to throw something mad. I try to avoid meal time but alas I have to attempt it everyday. I will never be one of those mom's that just feeds my kids whatever they want when they want it so her choices are to eat the sweet potatoes or be hungry. Maybe at our next DR visit her weight will have balanced out and when the DR asks what has changed, I can say, "I stopped feeding her." Im sure that will go over well with the grandparents.

Anyway, please help me!!!

Any suggestions or ideas on what I can do to nip this in the bud before I lose my mind???


Amanda said...

I was just researching some ways to get kids to eat veggies and what I found is this:

You gotta start now! If they don't eat it at age 3, they won't it when they're 8.

You have to let them see you eating veggies (though I don't think you want to eat baby food, but maybe you could pretend).

Maybe you should ask Kate Gosselin. All of her kids seem to be good eaters and she never makes them anything special.

David and Jen said...


This actually will help a little later on; it's not going to be very effective now, unless you want to try it with baby food and letting Jovie stick her hands in it.



Anonymous said...

I am a grandparent and I am not upset ... she will eat when she's ready. Sorry that isn't too helpful but no child will choose to starve themselves. Keep serving the veggies - plus it shows Jaxon that everyone has to eat it or starve!!! LOVE YOU

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