Thursday, January 22, 2009

Making the switch

Recently I partnered with a company named Pictage to be able to offer online photo viewing and ordering to my customers. They are based out of California. The costumer service and promotion techniques were great but it was really expensive. I stayed with them through Christmas, my busiest season, but now that I have been able to do some research, I have made a switch. Now I am working together with a company called Photo Biz. Its really affordable for me and I have features that weren't available through Pictage. By choosing them, I am accomplishing two things with one change. See I have a wonderful friend named Casey who put together a great website for me when I first got started (I knew that was what potential customers would be asking for to see my work). The only problem was that it was hard to update and as my clientel became more extensive I had more material to put on there. So I kept annoying my friend with things I wanted to change and add but finally I felt so bad, I opted to start all over. Through Photo Biz, not only will I be able to offer online photo viewing/slideshows and ordering to my clients but I will be building a new flash website. One that I can manage via a series of point and clicks of my mouse. I am really excited about this transition. It seems to be working perfectly for me thus far.

So go check it out...HERE (or click the link in the left hand column). I'm still working on it but I would love any feedback, suggestions or comments you have! Thanks!

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David and Jen said...

Bethany: it looks GREAT! I like it a lot, and I'm sure you are happy that you can manage it yourself. My favorite feature that I don't think you had on the previous site is your booking calendar. That makes it SO easy for your clients!

Love you-

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