Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Paci removal day #1

Today I took Jovie's paci away. She didn't use it as much as Jaxon did as a baby but it's still a hard adjustment. We waited for Jax to turn a year before we removed his but I read somewhere that if you are going to have your kids break a habit you should do it before the one year mark. Apparently there is some data gathered that between 6-12 months kids intensify their attachments to stuff and people. So I picked a day and it has arrived. Jaxon's detox took about two days. So far Jovie is doing better but its hard to hear her cry and know that I allowed this habit to form. I always say Im not doing paci's but both my kids took to them and I am. Its hard to do what is right for my kids. Its easy to do what is convenient for me. But the outcome of the harder road is always worth it!

So here is the day so far and in comparison to Jax's detox:

nap #1 (usually 9-11am): 9:35-10:40am
nap #2 (usually 1:30-3pm) 2:15-3pm

nap #2 Cried for 30 min then out

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