Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A prayer for my son

I pray you will come to know Christ and live for Him faithfully.
I pray you'll always know that daddy and I love you.
I pray that you will be a man of integrity and sound character.
I pray that you will seek adventure and live your dreams.
I pray that I can model the beauty and heart of a God-fearing woman.
I pray that daddy can model a man of honor and that you will want to be like him some day.
I pray that we can model the marriage you want have someday or how to glorify God in your singleness.
I pray that I can have patience and be consistent with you as you figure out who you are the power you have within you.
I pray that you will deserve respect by your actions and your silence.
I pray you will have wisdom and compassion.
I pray that you will get caught if you try to cheat, steal, or lie.
I pray that you will serve and lead.
I pray that I will be observant and sensitive to your needs.That I may give you attention and be available for guidance.
I pray that you will find value in our care for you so that you might experience emotional health.
I pray that we can provide for you.
I pray that I will not forget to try and see things from your perspective before I speak.
I pray that you will love with an open heart.
I pray that you will give freely and experience joy.
I pray you will never forget that you deserve nothing and therefore everything you have is truly a gift of mercy and grace from God.
I pray that you are thankful.
I pray that everytime you fall down you remember to get back up and try again.
I pray you work hard and for One purpose.
I pray that the Holy Spirit will relay the unspoken prayers of my heart on your behalf.
I thank God I am your mommy.


MOM said...

That is so amazing and so touching. I too thank God that I am your mommy - and his grandmother. It is a precious and blessed position and I am SO grateful

bonnie said...

Thank you Bethany for such beautiful thoughts for prayer.
I pray all your prayers come true with God's will.

The Herrenbrucks said...

that is beautiful. that needs to be framed with that picture and given to him when he is older. i loved reading it.

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