Monday, January 19, 2009

What Im learning...

So a little back story before I launch into this blog post.

A few weeks ago Nathan was reading some twitters on his phone and he saw one from a TN friend of ours talking about doing a "fruit flush" by Jay Robbs. Of course he decided right then and there that he wanted to try it. So the next few days involved conversations with the friend, ordering the protein mix, and downloading the book ($5). We waited for the protein mix to arrive and once it did, we set a date to try it out. We chose Monday but at the last minute Nathan changed his mind and we started Sunday instead. (This is important only b/c I would have gorged myself the night before had I known we were starting Sunday.)

Anyway, I have learned a lot about myself and my food habits over the last 3 days (it ends tonight). They are:

1. I get headaches when I don't eat enough.
2. I can withstand temptation for food (I sat with Jax at a resturant and didn't eat, I went to the grocery store, I made the kids lunches and didn't sneak a taste- Lord knows I wanted to.)
3. My body doesn't have many toxins in it. I will put this as respectfully as I can... Im not "flushing" as much as Nathan has been. So my healthy eating habits must be paying off.
4. I eat a lot when Im not hungry. I was tempted to eat even when I wasn't hungry, just because I wanted to eat. Like a smoker who isn't addicted but does so socially.
5. Jay Robbs shakes make me want to vomit.
6. I eat what my children don't. Often I would find myself getting ready to place in my mouth whatever my kids weren't able to finish from a meal. Made me realize I eat a little bit all day.
7. When Im bored, I go to the kitchen and eat food.
8. I can eat a salad without the dressing and love it!
9. Jay Robbs' shakes make me want to vomit.
10. I cannot wait to eat myself silly tomorrow.

I will let you know if I lost any weight on this thing!

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Brian and Cherie Landowski said...

Brian and I are starting tomorrow. I'll blog my thoughts on it after too. We'll see how it goes!

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