Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My 6th anniversary trip

Usually Nathan and I spend our anniversary in Nashville at a creative arts conference. We were unable to go this year due to church budget cuts so instead we planned an overnight trip to Miami. Here is a rundown of our sweet time together.After dropping off the kids at one location and the dog at another we were on the road by 11:30am. We got to Miami an hour and a half or so later and checked into our hotel (The Catalina). We took a tour, then unloaded our stuff and snagged showers. We decided to go shopping first. We hit Urban Outfitters, Quicksilver, Diesel store, etc until around 5pm when we started to get hungry. We walked Ocean Ave. where every restaurant is located so it was crazy jammed with people. We chose a place called PrimeTime for some spinach and cheese tortillina (me) and a japanese breaded chicken basket (Nathan). Then we went back to the hotel and watched the Grammy's in our king-sized tempurpedic bed. It was delightful! We didn't get much sleep (kind of noisy in the surrounding areas) but we stayed in bed until 9:30am. I grabbed a mocha and a bagel for a ridiculous $11 and we hit the streets for more shopping. This time we went to Levi's, Steve Madden and back to some places we decided to buy stuff from we tried on the day before. Then we hit the beach for about an hour until it got chilly from the sun being covered up periodically by clouds. Then we drove further down Ocean Ave. and had lunch at Nikki Beach. They had king size matresses on the beach with linen curtains. The waitor would come out to us and take our order. I got the Nikki Salad (spinach, figs, melon, tomato, parmesean cheese, olives and oil and lime for dressing) while Nathan got the cheeseburger sliders. We stayed there for 3 hours and watched a shoe company photo shoot take place while basking in the sun. It was heavenly. Then we packed up and drove to Sunrise, FL to the IKEA store. We wanted to buy a whole new bedroom set (we want a platform bed) but we didn't think it would fit in the Sentra. We left empty handed but stopped at Jamba Juice for some wheat grass shots and a strawberry smoothie before hitting the road home. We arrived around 8pm to a sleeping baby and a little boy excited to see his parents. We played trains for about an hour before sending him off to bed and I passed out on mine.

Overall it was a great getaway with my man. I love times when we are reminded of how much we like each other. We really are best friends. We even came up with a theme song for our trip: Jason Mraz "LUCKY" featuring Colbie Calliat.

Happy 6 years keiki! Here's to 60 more!!!


The Herrenbrucks said...

Looks like you had an amazing time! Fabulous. :) Isn't it so fun to get away? Glad you two got that special time.

Amanda said...

Ah! So jealous!

becky said...

I'm jealous too! Glad you had fun! Love ya'll...oh, and happy anniversary!

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