Monday, February 23, 2009

My last day in Cali

I had one more stop to make before I left California: I wanted to see my sister Tiffany's niche at the mausoleum.

If you don't know the story here is a quick version. Between my sister Kim and I (in age) was our sister Tiffany. She passed away at the age of 12 (I was 6 and Kim was 16). She was in a drowning accident at my grandparents house on her birthday (June 16). I have mentioned on here before that the number 6/16 haunts me but its always in a good way. Basically I think about her everyday.

As I went to Oak Hill cemetary where her creamated remains are, I was overcome by the beauty of the place. She has the best view and the gardens surrounding the buildings are amazing. A statue of Jesus stands at the entrance and its so fitting that she is located on "Rose Court" as we have always kept her memory alive by growing Tiffany rose plants at our homes. The hall is spectacular and the stained glass illuminates the marble with such magnificence you can't help but gasp in amazement.As I sat down and looked straight up to her niche, I was overcome with tears. I just kept thinking about how my husband and kids never met her. All the questions began to flow: What would life look like for her (or us) if she were still here? So many questions left unanswered. But when I looked away I was captured by the beauty of her surroundings again. I was reminded that she is better off. I was comforted by the warmth of the sun I felt as I exited the cold building. I was kissed by the breeze and as I looked around I could feel her whisper, "I love you too." It was a sweet moment.

The perfect ending to a great trip west.

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DAD said...


You are soooooo missed by me. Everytime you go away, you take a piece of me with you.


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