Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Trip to Cali day #3- It runs in the family

On Saturday while the rest of you were celebrating Valentine's Day I was celebrating family. Here is the back story. My grandparents lived in a small California town called Oakdale. My grandma loved reading but her eyes were going bad so she started to need large print books. My grandfather was a pillar of the community and decided to get his running club and lion's club to host a 1-mile and 5K race to raise money for the town library (so my grandma would have more large print book options). It was successful for several years when my grandfather passed away (a running accident that led to a surgery he never woke up from). In honor of him the town renamed the run for the library. Now it's the Don Osborne Memorial Run For the Library. Ever since, our entire family has made every effort to attend the race and honor our patriarch each year. I have only made it out twice since I started a family of my own on the opposite coast but each time I go, it is amazing to see how many lives were touched and changed by my grandpa. I felt it such an honor when one of the men in charge of the race asked our family group who was carrying on my grandpa's tradition of running and they all pointed to me! I was surprised and deeply touched to represent his memory in that way.This year I really enjoyed reconnecting with my family. I rarely see them so catching up was such a blessing. I really hope my husband and kids will get to know this side of their family tree better in the future. There is so much rich heritage amongst the people I call aunts/uncles/and cousins that I hope they will eventually tap into. Anyway, we spent the day together before, during and after the race and I am hopeful that we will reunite again soon.
Picture #1: My sister and I were the only ones who participated in the 5k-here I am finishing.
Picture #2: This is my mom's youngest brother- my uncle Orval.
Picture #3: This is my cousin Brett- my mom's oldest brother's son.

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