Friday, February 20, 2009

Trip to Cali day #6- Warner Brothers Lot Part 1

On Tuesday I woke up from my hallway, egg-crate-for-a-bed slumber to a warm shower and some breakfast at a place called P... (can't remember). I had a blueberry muffin and a mocha to start the day off right. Then we went to the designated Ellen check in area where I met Freddie. He instructed me that there was no benefit to standing in line early since seats were assigned at random and not until 1:30pm (It was 10am). So my sister called a friend and former student of hers, Matt, that she knew worked somewhere on the lot to see if he could show us anything in our spare time. Amazingly he was willing to meet us at 11am and said he would show us around the set of the show he was currently editing for called CHUCK. Well I love that show so I was thrilled! We hung out with Freddie for the hour we had to kill until Matt arrived. He then took us through 3 security check points and onto the set of the BUY MORE where they were rehearsing a scene that won't air until April some time (can't tell you what happens or they will have to kill me). We saw, character names: Chuck, Morgan, Big Mike, Emmett, Jeff, Anna Wu, Lester and other Buy More employees. It was great. Chuck (real name Zachary Levi) turned around and waved at us while we were standing there. He couldn't come over though b/c they were rehearsing or he didn't want to (I prefer to believe the first reason). After we watched for awhile most of the cast was shuffled off to their trailers but Scott Krinsky (Jeff) decided to come over and talk to us. He wasn't an airhead like his character at all. He was so sweet. He talked to us for quite awhile and told us about a spoof he did based on the Craig's List craze- sounded so funny. They are getting ready to take a 3 month vacation and he plans to go to Europe- Prague and all those luxurious places. He was really down to earth and kind. Matt then asked if we wanted to take a picture with him and of course I said "YES!" I was told by security that no pictures were allowed unless authorized so I was thrilled to get the chance. Here we are with him and another Buy More employee on the set. As I was putting my camera away the actors had to leave and I guess I missed the goodbyes b/c when I looked up they were walking away. Then Scott turned around and noticed I was now available again and he came back to say goodbye to me. It was really sweet. I know its no big deal but when someone who doesn't have to makes you feel important its still nice. I was really touched by his generous spirit. Then we walked the lot and got some Starbucks and I saw Kristin Chenoweth. All in all a great time on the lot.By then it was around 12:45pm and we returned to the place we started only this time it was more crowded. We decided to send a crew to get Subway while Bob and I stuck around the line in case things started happening. While they were gone I saw Manny setting up shop nearby. I ran over and talked to him for about 10 minutes and he was so humbled to have been on Ellen's show for his head balancing ability. He was so cute. Great guy. Then at about 1:00pm an Ellen representative named Danny called only the ticket holders into line...that is where my Ellen adventure begins...

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