Saturday, February 21, 2009

Trip to Cali day #6- Warner Brothers Lot Part 2

ELLEN! I am a huge fan and was totally shocked when I got the call saying I had 4 guaranteed tickets to be in her audience while I was in Cali. I got the idea to try in an effort to surprise my sister for her 40th birthday (2/28). Its a complete lottery so the fact that I got tickets the first time I have ever tried is amazing! So when Danny, the Ellen rep, called us into line I allowed a few people in front of me before taking my place. Then we were given audience cards in numerical order according to the amount of people we had in our parties. We had 4 so he gave me #s 21-24 and 4 audience surveys. My mom, sister, Luanne and I filled out the forms and handed them in. One of the questions on there was "do you have any talents or silly party tricks you would like to share with us?" I answered, 'I can put my legs behind my head. That's weird I know.' About 20 minutes later another ELLEN rep named Tom (or Tim) came out and asked for audience card #s: 12, 21, 22....and I don't remember past that. He was calling up me and my sister. When we got there we found out that he wanted to film our silly party tricks. I couldn't believe I was about to put my legs behind my head on camera. My sister had written down that she was 40 year old pop and locker. So we both had to fill out a participation form and do our thing. I went first. My shoes kept slipping on my silky smooth hair but I managed to hold it long enough for the camera to get a good shot. My sister did her thing and impressed all the onlookers. It was fun! We were definitely the best two- other people sang rhyming states songs or shook their butts like Beyonce'- LAME-O! Anyway, they said they might put them on the website but I haven't seen them anywhere yet. I will let you know if I do.We returned to our seats and saw people getting randomly picked out of the crowd and taken to a back room. Later we found out that they were looking for potential "Awww Snap" game contestants. We were told by Ellen rep Danny to line up in numerical order so we oblidged and they led us across the street (Olive Ave) to the stage in a single file line. Inside the rif-raf room we looked like a tangled mess of hundreds of people but apparently there was a system to it all. They led us up the steps and down toward the stage and the guy seating people said he would have to split our group up. Since my sister and I had talked before hand, she knew I wanted to be on the dance aisle and she wanted to be on the end of a row. She directed the guy to let my mom and I sit exactly where I wanted to (there were 3 seats left) while she and Luanne would take the end of the row behind that. He agreed and there it was- we were exactly where we both wanted to be for the show. I was so in awe of the moment.

The actual stage was angled differently than it looks on TV but it was still cool. Tim, or Tom, was our crowd energizer and he had us up and dancing for about 15 minutes before the show started. We screamed, clapped, laughed and sighed exactly as instructed and before we knew it, the show was over. It was such a cool experience.

However, I have to say that I thought Ellen interacted with the audience more than she actually does. It was more like we were watching her film a movie and during "commercials" she was getting to her mark and learning the lines for the next scene. At the end of the whole thing she came out and said something to the effect of, "Thanks for all the positive energy you bring to the studio. Goodbye." It was weird. My mom described it well when we talked about it later when she said, "The editing they do for TV must add a lot. Being there live, it was a pretty flat." So true. But even with that set back, nothing could ruin that moment in time for us.

Now for the real question you are asking yourself..."Bethany did you get on TV?" YES and just in case you missed my debut here you go...

The best shot is at 4:25 after the Abs of Steel schtick.That is my mom sitting next to me. My sister and Luanne were on the row behind us on the end so there are some shots of them in the beginning and when Ellen is dancing. There are a few more shots of my mom and I dancing (Ellen comes down our row) and between commercials but they aren't as close up and you have to really be looking for us.

A day I will never forget!

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Amanda said...

That's so crazy! I was wondering why I saw you and your mom but not your sister, but now I realize I did see her in another spot. You looked exactly the same on TV. I know it's weird, but I guess I expected you to be bigger, sparkling, or something.

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