Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Another sign

There are so many things in life I said I would never do that God pretty much laughs at and then has me do. For example I said I would never live in the south. I moved to Tennessee for college, met my husband and then lived there for a total of 7 1/2 years. Another thing I said I would never do was drive a mini-van. Well two days ago Nathan and I made our first car purchase together and now we own a 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan. Don't get me wrong, its beautiful (for a van) with a lot of bells and whistle we weren't planning to enjoy but I can't shake the whole van thing. I guess that it's just another sign that I am getting older, my family is getting bigger, and that God really enjoys laughing at me.This is me saying goodbye to my single/post-college/pre-kid car before the trade in. For me it was more than just a car. It was a personal accomplishment to pay that car off myself within 2 years. It was like saying goodbye to a past life. Yes I cried.


GIGI said...

The difference between the 20th birthday and the 30th .... I remember the pain of giving up my sporty Celica to get my grown-up car (Camry) so my mother could ride in it! Yes, the van pretty much says where you are in your life but then "this, too, shall pass". You can get a red sports car when you're my age - except oh yeah, I drive a van too!

DAD said...


Wow from the College-mobile to the Mommy-mobile.
It was time.
My 83 Buick Regal classic with "steel" bumpers,was driving away and I was having "seperation" anxiety and a bit tearful. Had that rig for 12 years.
Oh, well, time to progress on?


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