Sunday, March 08, 2009


A sweet family left our church about a week ago but before they drove away, I got to snap some family pictures of the group. Meet the Haines family. Jimmy, the dad, became the counseling pastor at our church almost 2 years ago. During that time I fell in love with every member of his family all at different times. 2 of his kids were in the youth group (Anna and Hunter). Their other son sang every once in awhile in church, other than that I didn't really get to hang out with him (Hutch). Their eldest daughter (Noelle) not only became my husband's assistant but a dear friend to me. The mom, Nan, was one of my favorite people to sit next to at pastors wives events.

The whole group was a blessing to our church and will continue to be for the Kingdom no matter where they are. I always called them the Von Trap family b/c they all sing, act and dance-they are a cast in and of themselves. But alas, the Lord has called them to First Baptist Church Atlanta and there they serve now. If you are in the area, go by and say hello to them! They are truly an inspiring family and they are greatly missed already.


Amanda said...

They are a precious family. I didn't get to spend much time with them, but every time I did, I was immensely blessed. Nan spoke at MOPS one time and it was incredible how much wisdom she spoke into my life in a short half hour talk. I'll miss you all!

Cathy said...

I agree, the Lord will use them wherever they are...however, they are missed !!! What a great family! :)

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