Tuesday, March 24, 2009

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Im not a believer in the "5 steps toward a perfect life" type of books so when I saw the title of this book I browsed right past it. However something drew me back to it and when I read the inside panel I noticed that it was written by the same author of another book I had contemplated picking up many times before. So I gave it a shot and sat down to read the introduction and the first chapter. I was interested in reading more so I bought it. Here are some points from those first two sections of Have a New Kid by Friday by Dr. Kevin Leman:

- It isn't always the big things that wear you down. It's the constant battles with attitudes and behaviors. It's the exhaustion and stress of dealing with children who start swinging from the minute they get up.

- You've got a big job to do and a short window in which to do it. The years go far too quickly.

- You, as a parent, are to be in healthy authority over your child.

- Your job as a parent is not to create a happy child. If your child is temporarily unhappy, when he/she does choose to put a happy face back on, life will be better for all of you.

- Nothing in life is a free ride. The sooner your child learns that, the better. Every person is accountable, regardless of age, for what comes out of his mouth.

- Homes should be based on the cornerstones of mutual respect, love and accountability. There is no entitlement.

- Most parents have spent way too much time snowplowing their child's way in life.

- You are the key to changing your child's thinking and actions. Your child's behavior has everything to do with you.

-The teachable moment: the moment when reality enters the picture and makes an impact on the child's mind and heart.

- The top 3 long-terms concerns for a parent: Attitude, Behavior and Character.

What child rearing books and/or authors have you read that helped refine you as a parent and develop your own style?


bonnie said...

Positive Discipline by Jane Nelson.

Amanda said...

The Positive Discipline books have some good suggestions I like, especially as a teacher/day care provider (no spanking allowed, but it also says no time outs--nearly impossible). But the best book, I hear, is Shepherding a Child's Heart by Tedd Tripp, which I've only skimmed, seeing as Maryn is uh, six months old.

bonnie said...

The Positive Disciple book does
have "time-outs" known as cool-down time. This is when something happens, all involved takes a few minutes to "cool down" to allow the child and parent to be calm before a short discussion so emotions do not explode. Amanda, I think your book suggestion is good as well, but I have seen the positive results from Positive Discipline and it's one teachers and parents use to coordinate home with school.

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