Sunday, March 01, 2009

A family update through pictures

I set my glasses on the bathroom counter last night without noticing what else was around. When I took a second look I saw this...
My first thought was (literally) "It use to be our toothbrushes, now its our glasses and someday it will be our teeth side by side. I love growing old with this man!"

Jaxon has finally started to draw people in his pictures. While rockets still dominate the subject matter, its nice to see faces on the easel.

Jovie is really into books right now. Her favorite is 10 Little Lady bugs. She also likes to say "hello" and "uh-oh" and loves to wave at everyone.


Amanda said...

Those are actually VERY good drawings of people. I seriously used to test three and four year olds on that crazy stuff, and he'd definitely get an A!

MOM said...

His drawing is pretty advanced - he's not even 4 yet!!! Xcept for the guy with one eye it's pretty accurate stuff! Did he write his name as well or did you help?

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