Monday, March 16, 2009

Spiritual Truths

I am a believer that you can learn spiritual truths practically anywhere. The other day my son was watching his favorite show (for now) on Playhouse Disney. Its called Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Basically the general idea is that there is a problem or they have to practice something or find something and the cast of characters are given all these "mouse-ka-tools" to help them accomplish the task. At first sight these tools make no sense. Its like a MacGyver set of random objects that have nothing in common (IE tape, a pogo stick, a baby elephant, and a mystery mouse-ka-tool.) But as the story unfolds they all come in handy. The mystery mouse-ka-tool is a secret until you find an area of the journey that none of the other tools can assist you in completing or there are none left. Every single time the mystery tool surprises you with how helpful it is.

I read into the show pretty deeply the other day and realized how similar this story line is to our life and journey.

We don't understand a lot of times, why we are the way we are or why such and such had to happen to us. What we forget is that those experiences and personality traits are tools for our own journey. We are going to come upon things in life that require us to use those gifts (tools) to help others, display faith and persevere. We don't recognize them as gifts but they are. They apply to the journey ahead. But we stand at the starting line and think, "why did I have to experience the death of my sister/divorced parents/broken relationships? etc." It makes no sense, until you start walking and living. Then you will see how those events and trials have become tools to help you be compassionate, humble, trustworthy and so on.

Its like I heard in a sermon one time... when Jesus healed the paralyzed man, he told him to pick up his mat and go. Why would he take his mat? That was his past. But Jesus knew it would remind the man of where he had been and it would keep him humble and thankful throughout the rest of his journey. He could share about the power of Christ BECAUSE he use to be limited to his mat. It became a tool.

Romans 8:28 The Message
"That's why we can be so sure that every detail in our lives of love for God is worked into something good."

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