Saturday, April 11, 2009

Baby stats

I forgot to share where Jovie and Jaxon fell in their appointments on Thursday! Those of you who aren't family and don't care, just bare with me a second.

31lbs in weight and 39 inches in height. He went from being in the 90th percentile as a baby (at 27lbs I might add) to where he is now, in the 10th percentile. He has gained 4 lbs in 3 years. Crazy!

20lbs in weight and 29 inches in height. She went from being in the 75th percentile at her 9 month visit to where she is now, in the the 50th percentile. She is perfect!

So thats where they landed this week. Funny addition to the story, I got pulled over on our way home from the appointment and got my first ticket in like 10 years.

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Amanda said...

How did the shots go?

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