Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My birthday week- Monday

I woke up Monday morning to a note by the bed that told me my clue for the day. It read “welcome to the nation of why not?” I was utterly confused but upon a quick Google search I found out that those words are the slogan for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. My jaw dropped. I quickly asked where we were going and my husband said, “The Bahamas!” I could hardly contain my excitement. We were set to board the boat at 12:30pm so we packed up and headed out to roam the streets of Miami some more. We grabbed some breakfast at a famous deli on Collins Ave and did a bunch of walking. We hit the Diesel store where we bought a perfume Nathan absolutely loved on me last time we visited here. I’m a body spray girl so I feel pretty official now. Then we hit Starbucks, a few novelty shops and finally back to the car. We drove to the Port of Miami, went through the all the checkpoints and boarded the cruise. As quickly as we could we threw on our suits and headed up to the pool until our safety demonstration a few hours later.

Then we grabbed a shower and headed down to dinner. One of the unknowns of being on a cruise is who you will sit with at dinner. Luckily we got paired with a couple exactly our age (Hannah and Magdy –pronounced Maj-dy) that have kids exactly our kids ages and genders, from New Jersey. We have a lot in common. So for our first meal together it was a lot of niceties but I think we all understand that conversation is not a requirement for any of us so silence can be nice too sometimes. Finding people who aren’t loud and obnoxious/drunk is another unlikely occurrence on a cruise. After dinner we went to change clothes (I get cold easily so I needed to put some pants on in this AC world) and landed in a piano lounge where we listened to a woman play Billy Joel tunes for about an hour. Then we went into another room where they were starting a game called “Finish that Lyric.” It was like a Singing Bee rip off. I signed up to play b/c I have found I know a wide variety of music and lyrics somehow. I made it through 3 rounds from 10 people to top 4 but lost out when I was hit with a J-Lo techno song I had no clue where to go with it. Then we watched some salsa lessons before heading back to our room around 10:30 or so. We crashed as you can imagine, the sun does that to a vacationer. What an amazing day….my birthday is tomorrow though!

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