Sunday, April 26, 2009

My birthday week Thursday- Sat

Well on Tuesday April 28th I will be turning the big 3-0. A while back I told Nathan that if we were going to be in town I would like to have a karaoke party. I was led to believe that was what was happening. On Thursday last week I got my first gift, a Snuggie. I was so excited. Then I got the gift of having my husband home all day Thursday and Friday. It was blissful!
Sat morning is when things got suspicious. Nathan left me alone with the kids to run an "errand." Upon returning we got the kids and I ready to head out for lunch. He said we had to stop by the church to get the karaoke machine for my party (Clue #1). Then as we were pulling in we saw someone holding a baby with a bow, out at their car walking into the youth building (where we were supposed to be going) and Nathan jerked the car in another direction (Clue #2). He pulled to another side of the parking lot and got on the phone with our friend John supposedly to find out where the machine was located (Clue #3). It was the worst fake conversation I had ever heard. As we were sitting there I noticed a bunch of cars in the parking lot that belonged to my friends. It was obvious what was about to take place.
Then we pulled up, ran into a few late comers that tried to come up with some weak story as to why they were there at this time of day, and we entered the building. I was greeted by a ton of my friends, some I haven't seen in a long time and I started hugging necks around the room. There was a slideshow of pictures of me on the screen, an empty table in the center of the room, and a karaoke machine in the far corner. Other than that, there was nothing to do. It looked like a lame party. I made my rounds, blew out some birthday candles, opened some amazing gifts from my 11th grade girls,
then sat down to watch my friends sing "Its my party" to me and then... it started. People started to hug me good bye. They were leaving and it had only been like 20 minutes since I got there. One after another they all started saying goodbye and walking out the door. Something was up. I decided I wasn't going to let the moment end without me singing one song so I screeched a little "MY GUY" through the microphone to an empty room. Then my hubby stuck my kids with my parents and wisked me away on a mysterious road trip. Apparently what I had just experienced was a 30/30 party. A thirty minute party for my thirtieth birthday. It was a great diversion idea from my real birthday present. So clever!

After a few hours we arrived in...surprise... Miami! We checked in at the Deauville Beach Resort and began an evening of relaxing. We had dinner by the pool/beach, rented Marley and Me, grabbed some movie candy and settled in for the night. We watched the flick on our computer while snuggled up in our bed. It was fabulous. We got to bed by 10pm and thank goodness we did, Sunday was looking to be a busy day.

Picture courtesy of Erin Herrenbruck.

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The Herrenbrucks said...

i am cracking up. when we were there i was thinking... isn't she going to think it's weird that NOBODY is taking a single picture... ha ha

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