Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My birthday week- Tuesday

Today is my official birthday! Everything has been leading up to this…the big 3-0. Its weird to think that I have left the 20’s- I still feel like a college kid, but I guess the years having been adding up. I woke up to a kiss from the only man I want to be kissed by the rest of my life and started the day with some breakfast. We were in Nassau, Bahamas today and were scheduled to enjoy a beach day at the Atlantis Hotel and Resort.

This place is insanely cool. Its has an aquarium, casino, water park, beaches, shark habitats, several restaurants and of course a hotel. We were transported by boat across the harbor from Nassau to Paradise Island where Atlantis is located. We got a mini tour and then were directed to our beach chairs. Nathan and I laid out for several hours listening to the waves crash and our Ipod playlists. Around us the locals were busy selling jewelry and drinks amongst other beach combing cruise participants.

Then we ventured around the grounds for some lunch, a walk through the aquarium (called The Dig) and to the shark area. We made our way back to the ship, showered up and headed to dinner. The crew sang me Happy Birthday and then we did some karaoke before hitting the pillows. Of course people told me that I should encourage Nathan to try out for American Idol. I never get tired of hearing people’s jaws drop when he starts to sing-he is so gifted. All in all I can’t imagine a better birthday. I have to admit though, we did start wishing our kids were with us at that place- it was so cool and tons of fun things for the kids to enjoy. Perfect Day.

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The Herrenbrucks said...

wasn't atlantis AMAZING!? we stayed there, in The Cove (adult area) for our 1 year Anniversary. LOVED it there. so glad you guys had a ball!

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